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About PowertoPay


PowertoPay is a reliable full service payment provider who delivers optimal service to both its partners and global customers during the efficient, transparent and accessible centralization and redesign of cashless payment processes.


PowertoPay sees that the traditional payments landscape has fundamentally changed. Developments such as SEPA, SaaS, the emergence of non-traditional payment providers and the changing role of banks in the payment landscape are just a few developments that are leading this change. All these developments make it necessary for European organizations to centrally manage financial processes via an efficient, reliable and transparent solution.

PowertoPay is part of UnifiedPost

UnifiedPost was founded in 2000 and has grown very swiftly over the last years. It started as a platform for document management. But over the years, UnifiedPost has acquired several companies towards the group of companies they are today. UnifiedPost has over 200 people working across Europe on a BPaaS platform based upon the basic components Document, Payment, Identity and Apps.

UnifiedPost’s confidence is built on the belief that by focusing on smart Fintech solutions, platforms and ecosystems, they create broad business opportunities that matter. Their technology changes the way people work and allow them to fully exploit the forces of digital technology, and ultimately make the world a better place. UnifiedPost is listed in the top 100 Fintech companies of Europe.

We are very proud to be part of UnifiedPost and believe it will continue to grow rapidly over the next couple of years. Read more about UnifiedPost here.

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