PowertoPay attended Group Treasurer Exchange 2016

September 19, 2016
Maaike Standaert

About the Exchange
On September 12 and 13th, Hans de Vries and Hans de Wit of PowertoPay joined the Group Treasurers’ Exchange event, this year held in Berlin. This event was attended by approx. 60 Group Treasurers of mostly European corporates like BASF Services Europe GMBH, Orange, Japan Tobacco International etc.

BrainWeave session
This event provided us a great opportunity to discuss our Bank agnostic capabilities with quite a number of interested and interesting parties. Especially since we were also able to discuss our capabilities in detail during a so-called “BrainWeave” session an interactive event during which we could elaborate with a number of interested Treasurers the ins- and outs of the PowertoPay Multibank platform. This platform turns out to be a strong asset in an era where fraud becomes more and more focus of the Treasurer’s attention. During this event and throughout the following day, we were able to get I touch with a quite a number of Treasurers who are interested to get more information on PowertoPay. We will make sure that all will get the attention and information needed to get aboard our platform.


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