Treasury Seminar Antwerp / Montfoort

March 10, 2017
Maaike Standaert

Our Treasury Seminars, together with SWIFT are over. With more than 100 enthusiastic participants who gave us many positive reactions, we can call it a succes!

IMG_2047Our succes is made possible due to our experts, who we are proud to have worked with and also to the great service we got at the 2 locations. We’d like to thank Bas Huisman (PowertoPay) for hosting this event, Arnoud Doornbos (TreasuryServices) for his introduction ‘Growing need for bank Independent solutions’, Rob Rühl (Next Markets) with his Brexit topic ‘Changes and threats from a treasury perspective’, Hans de Vries (PowertoPay) with his topic ‘Notional Pooling and Basel III’, Jan Vermeer (TreasuryServices) with his topic ‘Independent cash pooling through software’ and Michel Steenbergen (DIF) with his Client Case, the locations
Elzenveld Hotel & Seminarie and Heeren van Montfoort for the great service.

To get an impression of the seminars, please watch our recap video:

If you want to gain access to the slides or if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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