PowertoPay partner of Keller Seminar

May 22, 2014
Maaike Standaert

On Tuesday, May 13th, PowertoPay attended the Wouter Keller Seminar in the Babylon Hotel, the Hague. With the growth of Cloud Computing, more and more municipalities are considering to outsource their IT processes. This also accounts for their payment processes. When outsourcing these processes, municipalities are able to focus more on their core businesses: service and policies. There are several technical, organizational and juridical consequences to these outsourcing processes.

At the Keller Seminar, all the ins and outs of Cloud Computing were discussed. An example of a theme that was discussed was the introduction of SaaS in municipalities and the consequences of this introduction.   PowertoPay was a partner of the event and presented their SaaS Corporate Payment Hub during the information market. Since the outsourcing of IT is becoming more and more common, this seminar was very interesting and valuable to attend as a SaaS supplier.

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