Successful certificate change ING customers

October 30, 2014
Maaike Standaert

In September of this year, ING contacted all of her customers using the host-to-host ING FTP Service about the upcoming public ING certificate change of October, 22nd 2014. Certificates are used to secure financial data and need to be renewed every two years for security reasons. Normally, this expiration means that ING sends instructions to each customer on the “How to” concerning this certificate change. Hereafter, the customer changes the certificate themselves which is a tedious task and error prone. Also all PowertoPay customers normally have to take this action due to the ING certificate change.

However, from previous experiences, PowertoPay knew that customers aren’t usually very happy with this certificate change. Changing certificates requires a lot of time, effort and patience from the customers. Besides, the process needs to be handled with care: one mistake can have disastrous effects on the whole payment structure within the Payment Hub.

Helping our customers
With the knowledge that the certificate change is difficult and time consuming for our customers, PowertoPay decided to take the lead and help all customers that are connected to the ING FTP Service using our Payment as a Service Payment Hub. Since the PowertoPay platform is centrally hosted, PowertoPay is able to adjust generic non-private data on the platform for all customers at the same time and thus had the option to swap the public ING certificate (this is a certificate that is public to all).

Swapping certificates in 15 minutes
We asked our customers what they preferred: changing the certificates themselves or let PowertoPay change the certificates for them. As expected, all our customers chose the last option.
After getting permission from all customers to change the public ING certificate on their behalf, PowertoPay planned the work around the same time ING swapped the private certificate at their end. Within fifteen minutes, all public certificates of the ING clients were renewed and usable for exchanging payment and statement files. The customer was not impacted by this change, except for the fact that the platform could not be used for fifteen minutes for connectivity towards ING. However, compared with the work the customer had to do when they would choose to change the certificates themselves, these fifteen minutes can be regarded as peanuts. Customers with other bank connections were able to continue to work with the Payment Hub.

Future perspectives
PowertoPay is planning to offer this extra service of swapping public bank certificates to all customers in the future. We noticed that we received many positive customer responses on this initiative and all customers were very happy with it. Besides offering this initiative to all current customers, PowertoPay is also working on developing other customer friendly initiatives for the future.

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